Hello May! – My Writing and Reading Goals

With only four days left in my spring semester, I’ve almost reached that light at the end of the tunnel. There’s no sugar-coating that this semester was rough.You can read all about it in my post, “These storms are only trying to wash you clean”.

I am SO READY for summer. I love waking up to the sunshine, the warm air, and the feeling of everything thriving. Maybe it’s because I’m a summer baby (I’ll be 20 in July!), but if it’s not already obvious, I LOVE SUMMER.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing that a lot over the next four months 🙂

With that said, this post will be the first of a series in which I look ahead to each month, review the previous month, and state my writing and reading goals.

So, let’s get started!

Goodbye April

April is always incredibly hectic as a college student. As a future teacher, that feeling will inevitably shift to May. On the bright side, for 2019, April was MOSTLY productive.

I started off strong with a few chapters of my WIP already edited, so this gave me a boost at the start of Camp NaNoWriMo. I was coasting through Camp with more words than needed for each day, until around the middle of the month.

The last two weeks of April, surrounding Easter weekend, were filled with homework, readings, exams, and research papers. Yikes.

My time management skills were lacking this month. For Camp, I set one goal for myself: edit one chapter each day. For college? Well…

I was so close to meeting my goals for April. I’d mastered the art of scaling the mountain, until the Easter Bunny and my college professors caused my foot to slip, which sent me tumbling to my doom.

As of Friday, all of my pre-final assignments have been completed. This semester, I only have three final exams (two of my classes required a paper as my final). This week will be better. I’m going to use my spare time to develop a more organized plan for this month that will help me reach my writing goals in May.

April may have ended with unfortunate circumstances, but I accomplished so much nevertheless! May is a fresh start. This week, I welcome May with open arms and new goals.

Hello May

My Writing Goals

  1. Finish the second draft of “Because of India”

  2. Formulate a plan for beta reader feedback (also: find beta readers)

  3. Send “Because of India” to beta readers. Wait.

  4. Begin the first draft of an Untitled WIP 🙂

  5. Write two blog posts per week, on Mondays and Thursdays

  6. Be present on Instagram (follow me @downthewritepath)

  7. Take myself on a writing date every Friday. Grow in the craft.


My Reading Goals – What I’ll be reading

Why I bought it:

  1. The cover is simplistic, but stunning

  2. I was intrigued by the POV switching between Sadie and the radio podcast for “The Girls”

  3. It was featured in my local Barnes and Noble as a popular YA mystery/thriller

  4. I’m all about character. I have high hopes that Sadie will meet my expectations

Why I bought it:

  1. My novel-writing roots are in science-fiction/fantasy. I can never get enough of this genre

  2. Multiple POV’s interest me. If I dislike one of the characters, there’s still more to potentially love

  3. An interesting take on social class: poor on bottom, wealthy on top

Why I bought it:

  1. I LOVED “If I Stay” and Gayle Forman’s other books. Break my heart again, please

  2. As mentioned before, I love character. This book has 3 different perspectives. I’m ready

  3. I’ve related to her previous characters, and I’m hoping this book will be no different

Why I pre-ordered:

  1. The story is based around a college student’s life. FYI, I am also a college student

  2. When studying abroad, the MC strives for a college do-over. My freshman year wasn’t that great, so I relate to the feeling. I also want to study abroad, but hopefully next summer

  3. I’m also all about bravery and second chances

Let me know in the comments how your April went and what your writing/reading goals are for May! 🙂

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