Hello July! – My Writing and Reading Goals

June wasn’t as friendly to me as I had hoped. After starting a new job at as an assistant teacher at my local daycare, I battled a different virus every week (including a weird stomach flu hybrid and a severe case of bronchitis).

Being sick for an entire month doesn’t exactly support the idea of accomplishing of your writing and reading goals, no matter how hard you try.

The last week of June was far more productive than the month as a whole, after I finally gave into letting my body rest. Now that I’m recovered and back into the routine, I’m ready to plan ahead for a more successful and healthy month!

Let’s get started!

Goodbye June

Regardless of whether my children at the daycare gave me these awful illnesses, I’ve loved every minute that I’ve had with them so far. Each day presents its own challenges, but reaps such high rewards.

I’ve been placed in the “transition room”, designed for children at least 9 months of age. It’s been such a blessing to watch each child go through different stages of development and meeting their milestones!

In just a month of working at the daycare, I’ve watched babies learn how to walk and say their first words. This experience has been such a blessing in watching tiny humans have big accomplishments, even if I’m not having my own.

However, I did have one big accomplishment involving my writing goals. I FINISHED MY SECOND DRAFT OF MY WIP!!!!! (cue the confetti cannon and balloons) 🙂

I planned to write 8 blog posts for the month of June and only wrote two (technically). Yikes.

But I didn’t stand myself up for any writing dates this month! I went to Starbucks for a total of 3 writing dates to research topics for blogging and ideas for a future WIP.

I planned to read 4 novels over the course of the month and finished one and a half. You can read my review for Melissa Albert’s “The Hazel Wood” here! Once I finish “A Study in Charlotte”, I’ll be sure to post.

Overall, though June was rough, I had some big accomplishments and a few mini ones. I’m excited to dive in to July’s goals and finally have nothing but good news for you come August!

Hello July

My Writing Goals

  1. Surrender “Because of India” to beta readers 🙂

  2. Plot my next WIP for Camp NaNo (30 hours)

  3. Write two blog posts per week (Tuesdays and Fridays)

  4. Be present on Instagram (follow me @downthewritepath)

  5. Continue working on secret project

  6. Write article to submit to online magazine (fingers crossed!)

My Reading Goals – What I’ll Be Reading


Why I’ll be reading:

  1. It was featured in my June Scribbler box!

  2. I haven’t read a fantasy novel like this in a while

  3. Ghosts and Gargoyles? Yes please!

Why I’ll be reading:

  1. It was recommended to me by a close friend

  2. Loving the colors on this cover!

  3. I enjoy a good story with history incorporated into the plot.

Why I’ll be reading:

  1. It was also recommended by a close friend!

  2. A contemporary mystery seems compelling to me.

  3. I love split POV’s if they’re well done. We’ll see!

Let me know in the comments how your June went and what your reading and writing goals are for July! 🙂

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