Hello February! – My Writing and Reading Goals

This is the first year that it hasn’t felt like January has 72 days instead of 31. At least for me. I can’t say the same for everyone else. But I can officially say that January has been full of uncertainty and patience.

As we approach the second month of this new decade, I’ve been busy with my sixth semester of college, connecting with a brand new #WIP, and doing A LOT of waiting (have I ever mentioned that I’m a very impatient person?).

Anyway, you know where I’m going with this post at this point. So, let’s roll!

Goodbye January

As previously mentioned, this month has consisted of two major elements: uncertainty and patience.

After completing the fourth draft of my YA contemporary novel, Because of India, I’ve entered the query trenches for the first time since 2016. Read all about my tips on navigating the query trenches here!

I’ve collected quite a few rejections, however, I’ve gained one full manuscript request! This never happened in 2016, so I’m sure you can imagine the roller coaster of emotions I experienced regardless of the still existing possibility of rejection.

If anything, the act of waiting has been beneficial for me, seeing as the rest of the publishing process isn’t going to happen overnight either. Now, I’m not saying it’s been easy or that I’m the poster child for patience. I wouldn’t necessarily glorify my waiting-game when I’ve been refreshing my email every ten minutes for 30 days.

On the subject of uncertainty, I want to point out that I’ve never struggled as much as I am now to move on from a WIP. My heart was (and is) wholly and completely invested in Because of India.

Edalene and India were born from fragments of my spirit. Their story is loosely based on my own experiences growing up with my best friend. This novel is so personal to me, if that isn’t obvious. Maybe I should’ve anticipated how difficult it would be for me to start a new WIP (spoiler alert: DIFFICULT).

In this process, I’ve messed around with a few novel ideas this month, including my aforementioned NA paranormal mystery, my first YA sci-fi/fantasy (the novel I queried in 2016), and a new idea for a MG contemporary.

All in all, I’m still working through these emotions that accompany the art of moving on and opening a blank page. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Hello February

My Writing Goals

  1. Write (anything)

  2. Write one blog post per week (Thursdays)

  3. Upload one YouTube video per week (Wednesdays)

  4. Be present on Instagram

  5. Continue to grow on Twitter (@bfaith640)

My Reading Goals – What I’ll Be Reading

Why I’ll be reading:


  2. Check out my review of The Hazel Wood here!

Why I’ll be reading:

  1. Simply put, the blurb caught my attention. I’m interested now.

  2. Hello, this cover is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. The concept of physical wrecks versus human wrecks is compelling.

Why I’ll be reading:

  1. This book has been referred to me as a comp. title for The Hazel Wood. Again, that is all.

Let’s talk! Let me know in the comments what your goals are for February! 🙂

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