Book Updates


Q: What's the genre?

A: New Adult Sci-Fi/Thriller!

Q: Does it have a title?

A: Not yet! A title is still in the works.

Q: Who is the main character?

A: Meridian (Meri) Wright is a 24-year-old Planetary Scientist working for NASA

Q: Where does the story take place?

A: Washington DC

Q: Any other details you can share?

A: Yes! The book will include:

  • two different timelines (one being seven months ahead of the other)

  • in one timeline, Meri is going about her day to day life, until she receives an anonymous file containing classified information that has yet to happen

  • in the other, Meri is being hunted by someone who overestimates her knowledge of Earth's current situation

  • A few other elements, such as a pandemic, a captured rogue planet, and enough secrets and betrayal to keep you on the edge of your seat!


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